Working for You

Supporting Our Troops and Veterans
Congressman Bachus Announces Plans For VA National Cemetery For Area
Congressman Bachus Announces $2 Million In Funding For 117th Air Refueling Wing
Bachus Reacts to BRAC Commission Decision to Keep the 117th in Birmingham
Bachus, Baca Announce Army To Recognize Service Of Berga Soldiers
Traditional Values
Bachus rated top Conservative Congressman
Congressman Bachus Statement On Preservation Of Illegal Internet Gambling Ban
President Bush Signs Partial Birth Abortion Ban
Congressman Bachus Votes for Gun Rights Amendment
Bachus Blasts Court Ruling Protecting Pornographers
National Rifle Association Endorses Congressman Bachus in June 1 Primary

Opposing Government Takeover of Health Care
Congressman Bachus Votes against Government Run Health Care Bill
Congressman Bachus Says Town Hall Was America at Its Finest
Congressman Bachus Statement on Efforts To Discredit Town Hall Meetings
Opposing Cap and Tax
Congressman Bachus Floor Statement on Waxman-Markey Bill
Congressman Bachus, Chairman Bernanke: The Debt Is Unsustainable
Congressman Bachus Votes No on Spending and Tax Increases

Supporting Fiscal Responsibility
Congressman Bachus Statement on “Audit the Fed” Act
Ending the Bailouts
Congressman Bachus Says "End the Bailouts"
Congressman Bachus; Why Was AIG Prevented From Disclosing Bailout Information?
Defunding ACORN
Congressman Bachus Statement On House Vote To Defund Acorn
Improving our Highways, Bridges, and Airports
Bachus Secures Funds for Birmingham Metro Area Highway Projects
Birmingham Airport Receives $5 Million
Bachus Announces Grant to Birmingham International
Bachus Announces $1974950 Grant to Birmingham International Airport
Birmingham Airport Receives $4.5 Million