Congressman Bachus Votes for Gun Rights Amendment

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WASHINGTON - Congressman Spencer Bachus (AL-6) today voted for gun rights legislation protecting the Right-to-Carry enjoyed by law-abiding citizens in Alabama.

Bachus voted in favor of an amendment that allows citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights to carry firearms on federal lands such as national parks and wildlife refuges provided they comply with applicable state law.  It reinstates a regulation that had been blocked by a single federal judge.  The amendment is similar to the National Parks Firearm Bill, which Bachus cosponsored.

Congressman Bachus said, "In my own Alabama, a citizen could be exercising his state-granted concealed carry rights and wind up in front of a federal judge on a criminal charge.  They could enter into, for example, the Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge in my district and be subject to a violation of federal regulations requiring weapons to be unloaded and kept out of reach."

The right-to-carry amendment was passed by a bipartisan vote of 279-147 as part of credit card legislation taken up in the House.  The provision had been inserted in a Senate bill by Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma.  The entire package will be sent to the President for his signature.

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