Spencer Receives Endorsement of Sixth District Sheriffs

The Bachus for Congress campaign is proud to announce the endorsements of sheriffs from the Sixth Congressional District.  Momemtum is building for Spencer's reelection, so please contact the campaign if you want to get involved!  









February 20, 2012



Bachus Campaign Announces Support of Sixth District Sheriffs

Republican Sheriffs Endorse Spencer Bachus Reelection


Today the Bachus for Congress campaign announced the support of sheriffs from the Sixth Congressional District.  In a letter written to editors of local newspapers, the following sheriffs endorsed Spencer’s reelection:


Keith Hannah – Bibb County

Kevin Davis – Chilton County

Terry Wilson – Coosa County

Mike Hale – Jefferson County

Chris Curry – Shelby County

Terry Surles – St. Clair County


“As a leader in Washington D.C., Spencer has always been available and ready to work with the entire law enforcement community on issues affecting public safety.  His voting record has been excellent on the issues that matter most to us,” the sheriffs said in the letter.  “We have always known Spencer as a public servant of commitment and integrity and it is without hesitation that we endorse him for re-election.” 


Spencer has been at the forefront of the fight to provide the law enforcement community with the tools necessary to protect the public, including playing a lead role in bringing the National Computer Forensics Institute (NCFI) to Alabama. The NCFI has been a documented success in putting criminals behind bars through its training of state and local law enforcement officers and judges to investigate, prosecute, and adjudicate sophisticated computer-related crimes. Training at the Center has resulted in scores of sexual predators being taken off the street. Additionally, Spencer has made invaluable contributions to public safety in our communities by working with us to improve electronic communications and data sharing among law enforcement agencies and by helping us to combat the scourge of meth labs.


The endorsements of these sheriffs come the week after the National Right to Life Committee and the Business Council of Alabama endorsed Spencer Bachus for reelection.  The full texts of all three endorsements are available at spencerbachus.com