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National Right to Life Endorsement

Congressman Bachus is honored to receive the support of the National Right to Life Political Action Committee. As a strong support of life, Rep. Bachus will always stand up to defend the unborn.

Bachus: Obama's housing plan more of the same

Just as President Obama's economic policies have failed to help the economy, his mortgage plans have failed to help struggling homeowners. Whether it's HAMP, HARP or other refinance programs that already exist, none has worked and all are expensive.

Although the president still hasn't presented details of his latest plan, judging by his speech last week it's going to be more of the same.

Bachus criticizes Obama, Senate Dems for stalling on jobs bills

House Republicans had a message after the White House unveiled Tuesday its "Startup America Legislative Agenda": Been there, done that.

The White House proposed Tuesday a $48 billion package of measures to help small businesses raise funds, go public and hire more workers.

But four of the initiatives-like crowdfunding for new companies and lifting country-specific caps for American visas-cleared the GOP-controlled House late last year, Republican leaders pointed out in a press release.

Bachus touts local control, slams EPA

U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus, R-Ala., said he was in favor of giving local governments more power and criticized the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation of the nation’s cement and concrete plants during a Jan. 11 breakfast in Pelham.

During the breakfast, which was sponsored by the Greater Shelby Chamber of Commerce and held at the Pelham Civic Complex, Bachus said he would like to see federal tax dollars given directly to local governments to spend as they need.